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What is a Hybrid event?

An event that has both offline and online attendees is a hybrid event. Are you organizing a conference and offering a live streamed speaker on site? Is there interaction between attendees at home and with live guests at the event? Than we’re talking about a hybrid event.
You can transform any event into a hybrid event; think of a conference, seminar, networking event, training, kick-offmeetings, trade fairs, product presentations, road shows and dealer days. Many people compare hybrid events with watching television, while actually there is a big difference as your online guests can interact by live chat, participating in a quiz for example or take part in a brain storm. 

Own Streaming Platform

Van der Valk is known as the safe and secure partner for hospitable events. And to keep at the forefront we offer online streaming. Van der Valk have their own streaming platform for hybrid and online events. Online attendees can register and participate in these events using our platform. This safe online environment  will be completely customized to your needs and your brand. And this also allows you to capture all the data and documents of the event in one safe space at the same time.

Experienced Partners

Technology and interaction form the key to success when organizing a hybrid event. You’ll want to create impact with your online event by rolling out the red carpet, just like any offline event program to keep your attendees engaged throughout the session of an average 90 minutes. To make sure you’ll achieve this, we partner with a team of specialists including event-directors to ensure a successful online experience. 

In-house Online Studio's

Van der Valk is ambitious and progressive. Various hotels have recently invested in their own in-house online studio completely equiped with the latest audio visual hardware necessary to broadcast any type of online event.  The big advantage of having a permanent studio on property is that it substantially reduces preparation time which allows us to facilitate last minute requests without giving in on the quality of the broadcasting. 

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One central hybrid information point

Would you like to organize an annual conference or transform a training to a hybrid experience without any compromises to meet your objectives? Are you unsure whether your ‘viewers’ actually view your hybrid event? Or are you organizing a hybrid event for the first time and would you like some help? Please get in touch with our central hybrid information point. We would love to help you get on your way. 

Safe and Secure Meetings

Our trained staff at Van der Valk know the RIVM regulation inside out and have amended the floor plans and guest quantities of our meeting spaces. This means that you, the event manager, doesn’t have to worry about any of this, allowing you to solely focus on the key objective of your hybrid event at Van der Valk. As people have been doing with us for 85 years.