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Van der Valk makes use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the visitor's electronic device when he or she first visits the website. The objective of cookies is to collect information about a person, the website or for statistics. The aim of some other cookies is to improve the users’ experience of the website.

Types of cookies

We distinguish between functional and non-functional cookies. We always place functional cookies. These are necessary for the website to work properly. Non-functional cookies process personal data outside your field of vision. These mainly enable us to improve our services. This allows us, for example, to measure how often our website is used and what information visitors are looking for. We always ask for your permission to request non-functional cookies.

We use the following non-functional cookies.

Analytical cookies

With analytical cookies we collect statistics about the use of the website by the users. By measuring website usage, the website can be improved for the benefit of the users.

The analytical cookies that we use [at Online Meetings] are placed by Google in order to be able to use the Google analytics service. Google can provide the collected data to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or insofar as third parties process the data on behalf of Google. We have not allowed Google to use the data obtained through our websites for other Google services.

Google collects data that is anonymised as much as possible.

Among other things, the following data is stored:

• the IP address, which is made anonymous;

• technical characteristics, such as the browser you use;

• from which page you came to the website.

Tracking cookies

These are cookies that are placed in order to identify an internet user on the website. Placing tracking cookies enables us to keep track of which internet pages you visit. Based on the information about your internet visits, we can narrow down your preferences and interests. This then allows us to make personal offers for you.

Advertising cookies

We make use of advertising cookies to be able to show personalised advertisements and to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The advertising cookies are needed to actually display the advertisements.

Blocking and removing cookies

If you do not want our website to be able to store cookies on your computer, you can indicate this in the cookie pop-up screen you see when you first visit our website. What if you have already accepted our cookies? Then you won't be shown this pop-up anymore and you will need to remove the cookies yourself if desired.

You can also choose to block cookies being stored through your browser settings. Have you blocked all cookies? Then our website won't work as well. We recommend only to block unwanted cookies selectively. You can do this in your browser settings.